Saturday, July 12, 2014

Peas and dragonflies

We had a lovely hot day, which was a perfect excuse to not mow the lawn and instead fiddle with easier tasks. We picked the first flush of peas and then adjourned to the shady front step to shuck them. 

We had four lovely cups. This was a lesser yield than last year (different soil and weather? or loss of vigour?) but still worthwhile--an early, frost tolerate veggie that is good fresh, frozen, canned or dried and  produces it own seeds. Some I'll blanch and freeze for Christmas dinner and the rest I'll toss in a stir fry this week along with some garlic scales and maybe a couple of daylily pods.

The rest of the day we dried basil, watered the potatoes, did some weeding (in the shade), and tied up the tomatoes.

As I was out front, the dragon flies were sitting on the plants, soaking up the evening sun. Which is my plan as well, except I'll use a chair.

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