Saturday, May 26, 2012


After a quick trip to the farmers market this morning to get some asparagus to blanch and freeze (and maybe eat!), we spent the rest of the morning in the yard. The apple tree is blooming and I think I will hand pollinate it this afternoon to ensure we get some apples this year!

Out back, the Ireland creek annie beans have germinated after a couple of days of rain. I've never grown beans before (other than green beans) so these are something new and exciting.

The bean you can see pushed up out of the soil is about 1.5cm long (to give you a sense of scale. We also have some painted lady beans up under a trellis at the back. More exciting is that there are signs of potatoes pushing up through the soil.

We just about have the entire garden in (a few more tomatoes are needed to replace some losses) and (assuming Jess is up for it), we'll seed the rest of the garden this afternoon

We've also had a few volunteer's emerge, including this pansies (with a special guest appearance by my foot--imagine the contortion necessary for the picture without blocking the sun!).

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