Monday, May 21, 2012

Cold frame finished for season

The garden continues to show some lovely colour, especially on the hotter southern side of the house. Some tulips there have just started opening and have a nice variegated colour.

The south side also has the cold frame I built last fall (built being a rather generous term). This was my first stab at a cold frame. We seeded directly into the soil around April 6th and I've been fiddling with the glass (on and off each day) for the better part of a month. With the last of the cold weather past, I decided we'd put the glass away and then pull off the frame.

This is aesthetically more pleasing and also shows how much growth there has been. I would expect we're about a month ahead. I think we'd be further along if I had seeded in March, instead of farting around with transplants.

This shot shows the growth a bit more, The green handle on the trowel is about 5" long. To the left of the trowel is garlic, to the right kale and beets. In behind are some carrots. I hope to have some root veggies in mid-June and to start harvesting kale in the next week or so.

We also put up a clothes line in the backyard. This has been on my list for awhile. I had a complicated rigging system worked out in my head but eventually just said screw it and tied some rope to two trees. I will double the rope back towards the deck (you can see the railing on the bottom left) to get an extra bit of line so we can dry a whole load at a time.

I've got some beans soaking in some shallow water on the window sill to see if they will germinate. If not, we'll need to head back to Apache for another packet of seeds this week. That said, we're just about fully planted for the summer.

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