Sunday, May 6, 2012

Lots of planting

With a day of lovely weather, we spent today in the backyard gardening. Jess and I started by digging holes for potatoes--we are hoping for about 25 plants this year. We chose a mix of russet and a purple-skinned variety (edit: caribe).

We also decided to chance a late frost and put in some carrot seeds. Jess planted the remainder of the imperator seeds in her boxes and I put a package of chantenay red cored into the large raised bed in the back (these look like half-long carrots with a bit of extra girth). As we always run short of carrots over the winter, I left room for more carrots once I pick up a different type of seed. We also dropped in a few early lettuce seeds.

Around the side, the spinach is starting to make some progress. The kale (in the cold frame) is leaps and bounds ahead and I've started removing one of the two panels during the day to keep the heat manageable for the beets (which looked pretty rung out when I final got there with the watering can this afternoon. So far we've been able to use water from the rain barrel to keep things moist and I'm thinking of getting a second one for beside the house.

We've also got lots of birds. This robin was kind enough to sit still while I wrestled the camera out of my pocket, fiddled the settings, steadied the shot and then took half a dozen pictures (one even turned out!). S/he was looking pretty impatient by the time I snapped this picture ("come on idiot, push the button already"). If I get some time this week, we'll drop some beets and zucchini seeds in the front bed and do some work reclaiming a perennial bed that is out of control by the garage.

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