Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Wild asparagus

With the temperature well over 20 and no soccer game tonight, we went out to forage some asparagus we'd noticed last fall. We spotted the first stalk right beside the trail we were walking on!

We then went up the hill side for some more adventurous foraging, encountering sliding banks, some squatters, thorny bushes and what my dad would call local colour (i.e., crazy people). It was quite a night, with good weather bring everyone to the river valley!

It looked like someone else hit the patch before us as a fair number of plants already had stalks snapped (we let those be). All told, we managed 15 or 16 good sized-stalks and I hope to put them on pizza tomorrow night. And Jess enjoyed herself and the walk, which was the point.

I planted a couple more types of carrots in the garden earlier this week: some Yellowstone carrots (very yellow, the package promises) and a Jeanette F1 hybrid (early maturing Nantes). I think that is four different types, so we'll see which grow (and taste) the best. Tomorrow I may sow some beets out front (assuming I can bend over after hoisting Jess up the embankment tonight).

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