Sunday, May 27, 2012

Frozen asparagus and soup

The 104th Street market had loads of asparagus Saturday so we picked up six bunches. Five of these we blanched, then drained and dropped into freezer bags. We've really enjoyed pesto, feta and asparagus pizza (with an occasional sun-dried tomato) all winter so I wanted to put away enough asparagus to do that again.

We'll eat the last bunch tonight, roasted with some new potatoes. I was thinking that I might also try a small batch of pickled asparagus this week if I can find some asparagus at the Thursday market at Westmount.

I recalled ending up with some lovely green water after blanching asparagus last year, but not having the presence of mind to do anything with it. This year we used it as a starter for soup stock. We threw in whatever we could scrounge from the garden, plus some onions and celery that were in the crisper and the ends of various frozen vegetables that were in the freezer from last summer (begone mediocre broccoli that I babied all summer!). 

The stock turned out quite tasty and we used some to make bean and pasta soup last night. The rest in in the fridge, perhaps for risotto this week (assuming I get my act together). There is enough spinach and green onions on the side of the house to give the risotto some flavour. I may also make some rhubarb pie, but tonight we'll have to bake bread.

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