Saturday, May 19, 2012

Spring blossoms

With the long weekend upon us, we spent much of the morning in the yard, putting in most of the rest of the garden. While we were out there, I snapped a few pictures of the spring blossom, including this lovely tulip that is about to open.

We planted quite a few more greens beans in the newly recovered back beds this morning. Also in are four celery plants (we bought bedding plants after my efforts to grow them from seed failed). We also put in a few cucumber plants and some zucchini seeds. I'm going to try some of the cucumbers up a lattice this year to see how that goes.

The strawberries are starting to blossom all over the yard. Jess also put in some bedding plants (some impatience) along with a few tomatoes in her garden beds. I snagged a basil plant at the store this morning. I have a bunch started from seed (slow growing!) and I dropped a bunch more seeds in an empty planter--but the smell of fresh basil was too hard to resist.

Our apple tree at the side is putting out lots of flower buds. I hope this will translate into more than two apples. The Saskatoon bush in the front yard is also in bloom. The lovely, but seemingly cursed crab-apple tree in the front yard looks like it didn't survive the winter so I will but cutting it out and trying some more Saskatoons.

There are still a few more beds to fill so we'll likely head back to the store tomorrow for some more beans and beets. We planted both painted lady and Ireland creek annie beans (pole and bush, respectively) this year so I may look for another type of bean we can dry. I see the lettuce we seeded last weekend is already germinated, as have some of the carrot beds.

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