Sunday, July 20, 2014

Chard, Raspberries and an Urban Food Forest

While the weather this weekend was mixed, it was a busy one. Towards the river, a large number of volunteers put in Edmonton's first urban food forest. I think this is a fantastic idea and wish I had read the invitation a bit more closely about RSVPing. Oh well--bike ride instead.

Closer to home, the garden is coming up with the swiss chard being easy to harvest this week. I have the food dehydrator ready to go. I expect these could also be blanched and frozen.

The raspberry bushes are also getting ready to pick, with a few of the early bushes already bearing.

Similarly, the apple tree seemed to really appreciate the warm weather last week.

We took a stroll over to the river last night and checked on the hawthorn berries. They have come in in a large enough quantity to pick later on for jelly. Must locate some gloves to protect from the insane thorns (bottom right of picture below).

On our way home, we ran across another front yard garden.

This is an encouraging trend (Jess is a bit sick of me saying "imagine what you could grow in that space?") and the Front Yards in Bloom folks gave me a nice "Edible Front Law" sign this week. Now off to pick some Saskatoons.


  1. Very cool about the food forest :) Love seeing the pics you post of front yard edible gardens - they really ARE encouraging.

    Our raspberries are just ripening, too - I ate the first ones 2 days ago and they were divine. That first one is always an explosion of flavour, isn't it?

  2. Oh yes, a whole year for the first of each berry is a long wait but well worthwhile.