Monday, May 30, 2011

Fruit blossoms

More stuff is in bloom around the yard (although it is hard to get past the smells of the lilacs). The blueberry bushes have budded out and we may even get a handful of berries this year. Although I have not seen a whole lot of bees around the yard except two giant ground bees.

The apple trees are also in full bloom around the neighborhood. I am hopeful this display translates into a few more apples this year. Fortunately, we have a bunch of neighbors who kindly bring us bags each autumn.

And the tomato plants are starting to bloom. The pepper plants (not pictured) also have flowers although I think we a few weeks away from a serious number of tomato flowers. The hot weather is helping though.

Up next: I have a few more tomato plants to wedge into the garden somewhere (a donation from some neighbors). And, once the irises flower, I will start moving some of them around in the perennial bed to make some more room.

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