Sunday, May 8, 2011

Plants in!

With spring clearly here and no frost forecast through the next two weeks, we took the plunge today and put in some vegetables. We've been seeding in hearty veggies (onions, carrots, spinach, beets, lettuce) for a couple of weeks as each bed has been cleaned up but we decided to risk the seedling this afternoon.

I bought a few seedling this year, mostly plants I only want a few of. I've never tried celery, for instance. So we bought a pack of four and Jess put them in the east-facing bed below the garden. We also put in four tomato plants (two beef steak and two early girls). We've already seeded in sweet pea, onions and something leafy (exactly what eludes me--lettuce of some sort).

On the south side of the house we found the spinach was up and tucked in two cherry tomato plants. There is room for a third plant there so I'll have to see what jumps out at me the next time we go shopping. I'd say we're a ways away from any spinach salads! Next year I'm going to try a cold frame here. We also planted a row of carrots which have just poked through the ground.

Out back on the berm by the garage we've sown about 8 square feet of beets in two raised beds. We added in four broccoli and four cauliflower seedings which I've put under a bit of plastic to keep the heat in (it can be windy there).

After planting 24 shepody potatoes out front (probably to the horror of our neighbors!), Jess and I decided to try eating dandelions (looking for some fresh greens). I thought they were too bitter for salad (I'm blanching a couple in the garden to see if that helps) so we boiled them and then sautéed them with garlic and chives. Much like spinach, I thought. These might be good in risotto. We'll also be putting in some russet potatoes once I get the main garden dug--assuming my back hold out.

Up next: We've been patiently shepherding corn seedlings along for a big box behind the garage. We even did three separate sowings so we'd have the right heights so the front wouldn't shade the back. I'll probably put these in tomorrow and the interplant from squash and pole beans among the taller back plants.

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