Sunday, May 22, 2011

More flowers

With spring turning to summer, the tulips are starting to fade, aided by Jess and her scissors. I had forgotten how many varieties we had planted over the years until she went around and nipped off the heads of so many for a vase.

One of our apple trees is just starting to blossom. As it has been in only three years, I'm not expecting much beyond a handful of apples. But they do taste delicious.

Other trees are also in bloom around the neighbourhood, with MayDay and this pink one being particularly notable.

The perennials are also coming into their own. I don't recall what this fellow is but I moved him early this spring from the old (and now new) vegetable bed in the back to the front. Doesn't seem to have hurt his blooming.

And, of course, more potatoes are now showing. This is a russet potato poking up in a sunny bed on the south side. We're still waiting for russets to appear elsewhere.

We need to plant a few asparagus plants this weekend--perhaps tomorrow if the weather holds. Another sowing of lettuce would also be good and then I think we're done the hard work for awhile and it will just be weeding and watering and eating our way to the bottom of the freezer.

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