Saturday, May 14, 2011

More bulbs!

With the good weather, I think we have almost everything in the ground and can relax a bit. I'd like to pick up two pepper plants and maybe sow another crop of lettuce in a week or so. And there are a few annuals we grew from seeds that got hardened off last night when I, ahem, forgot to bring the tray back in.

The bulbs are putting on a great show on the south side of the house. The warmth always means these are the first to flower, with the front garden being about two weeks behind.

I hate to give over such a prime vegetable spot to flowers but they do look very nice when you ride past the house on your bike. And the irises and daylilies extend the show all summer.

We've compromised a bit by putting in an apple tree. So far we've had four apples in 3 years. They taste great, which they should since they cost about $30 each... . And there are some strawberries and couple of raised vegetable planters tucked in here.

The cauliflower (above, I think--or is this broccoli?) and beets (below) seem to be taking off pretty well.

Up next: General yard work will be necessary before the family arrives next week. Some of the grass needs cutting and I'd like to edge the front. Jess also has the remaining annuals to plant. And I'd like to get another rhubarb plant or two for the back while they are still available.

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