Saturday, May 28, 2011

A morning of puttering

With Jenn out having brunch, Jess and I went to the farmer's market and then returned home to putter in the garden. We started out weeding and noticed how the phlox has really come into bloom, despite the morning shade it gets from the elm trees.

We then tackled the lawn. While a lot of the lawn has been turned into bed, we have a large piece of city land abutting the south side. I love the extra space this provides but I'm not too keen on mowing an extra 3000 square feet of lawn each week. I'd prefer to turn it into a potato field but the city gets cranky when you do stuff like that, so instead we collect the grass cutting and use them to amend the beds.

Jess is keen to help out the struggling spinach and carrots on the south side. I think the soil is likely too peaty and acidic. Perhaps a bunch of grass clippings watered down will help along with the bone meal we turned in? She was keen to try, anyhow. And, as I continued to pow, she continued to dig in the clipping for other beds and even dragged the hose out. Such initiative!

We finished planting the kitchen garden before lunch. You can see tomato and pepper plants in the background with celery in front and then some lettuce seeds just watered in.

We also interplanted some beans and squash among the corn out back. This bed has done better than I thought it would given the wind and drought during the weeks after we transplanted the seedlings. It also looks like we have managed to kill the liliac stump that I built the bed over top of.

Up next: I need to finish mowing the lawn while Jess is at a birthday party and I see a number of plants are blooming (including the tomatoes!). We're also digging some stuff into the front bed around the potato plants in anticipation of planting something a bit more demanding there next year.

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