Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Onions and Corn

With two days of lovely weather, the garden is starting to spring forth. Below is a picture of the onions we planted a few weeks ago, up through the earth. The carrots are also joining them.

We took advantage of the warmth to move the cucumber seedling out of the house and into the old vegetable garden that I'm reclaiming this year (from flowers and various construction transplants). The soil is nasty so we'll see what happens. In the fall I'll spend some time amending it.

We put the corn in last night (I think it was last night--maybe Monday) and the plants seem to be faring okay. It is cool at night, but not cold. The wind today has knocked the corn around some. I've never had much luck with corn, but I'm hopeful some good soil, some interplanting and planting it as a big block will help. I know it grows here because we go to the corn maze each year.

On the south side, the spinach is starting to put out its first true leaves and there are a few carrots just poking up. The bulbs are all ready to flower this weekend, though. Should be a good show here for awhile.

And finally, the curse of my garden: elm seedlings. I love the old elm trees. I hate their seeds. Clogging the gutters, and popping up everywhere. If you don't get them the first season, they put down such a root you need pliers to pull them. The first year we were her, I was looking for some mulch and shoveled up a wheelbarrow full of these fellows from the curb. Into the garden they went. And then I spent the next three years getting them back out. My own fault and yet still massively frustrating.

Up next: We have a few flowers left growing on the window sill that need to go out. But this weekend we'll probably plant a few more veggies; maybe another rhubarb plant now that I have some more space and perhaps a patch of asparagus. And I'd like to do the window boxes before the family arrives next weekend.

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