Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Spring flowers

Vegetable gardening continues in earnest as we try to get everything sown to take advantage of the extra two weeks it looks like we're going to get on the front end of the growing season. While I'm more excited about vegetables, Jess is keen on flowers.

We've planted a lot of bulbs over the years. The tulips almost always work. And the daffodils almost never do. But this year we had some lovely daffodils come up on the south side of the house. These should get overtaken by the irises they are planted among for a bit of purple in a month of so.

Also on the south side, we've had some flowers volunteer. I have no idea what these are but I'm pretty sure we didn't put them there. There was so much disturbance with construction three years ago that I'm still discovering plants in strange places

A particularly horrible part of the old vegetable garden has bloomed with tulipa tarda this year. Given their placement, I'm guessing Jess and her mom planted these. About the only other thing that grows here is a God-awful purple bell flower. It is pretty enough but it is horrifically invasive. I'm in year three of a hand eradication and it came up this spring like the past two years of weeding had never happened.

And finally we have some pansies. These were planted out front in a barrel the first nice weekend in April and have survived the chill just fine.

Up next: Corn seedling are going into the ground to join the potatoes. I also see some onions are up behind the garage. We've also just butchered the north hedge back and revealed a huge swath of the old vegetable garden so I'm busy digging. Perhaps we'll plant cucumber here along with zucchini and pumpkin?

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