Friday, September 30, 2011

Apple pie, sauce and cake

Jennifer re turned from coffee with a friend with two big bags of apples. So last night we got down to doing something with them. Before dinner, I made an apple pie which was (if I may say so) delicious.

After dinner we peeled and froze apples for three more pies. I'm not sure what these were but they were tart with a crisp white skin and about the size of a MacIntosh.

Jess made an apple upsidedown cake. I also made three litres of sauce but decided to just put it in the fridge rather than bath and can it properly. I've come to enjoy it on oatmeal and will likely be through this long before it turns.

We also froze the last of the beans after a quick blanch. No real frost yet but these were ready to be picked and now i can turn this bed down.

Up next: More Christmas lights will be hung this weekend and there are many, many leaves to rake and turn into the beds. And I may make more oven-roasted tomatoes as I can't quite stay ahead of the ripening on the windowsills.

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