Thursday, September 8, 2011

Some autumn surprises

I was watering a few things tonight after another lovely day and I noticed a few autumn items. The first up is a lovely apple. I certainly don't get many apples off this young tree, but the few I do get tend to be delicious.

Out back, the pole beans the grew up the corn have suddenly matured and hang ready to eat. Not many of them (I will try a trellis next year) but this is a nice surprise as I had entirely written off this year.

Also a surprise was the Peter Pan squash. I cut down much of the corn after harvesting the cobs and the squash suddenly got much more light. These squash have rapidly increased in size. The big ones might be too big to be tasty but there are lots of smaller ones.

Up next: Some more nice autumn flowers. And, if I get motivated this weekend, I'll freeze some more carrots and dig up more potatoes.

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  1. I froze beets, carrots and corn this week. The corn was from a Hutterite Colony where I was substitute teacher. So nice of them. Also making apple chutney from local apples. They are best for this or sauce. Your apple looks wonderful. And isn't it amazing how things grow when we provide the right environment!