Saturday, September 10, 2011

More autumn blooms

Fall seems to give the flowering plants a bit of a kick-start so I thought I'd snap some pictures to carry me through winter. Out front the petunias look lovely when the sun comes low in the evening.

Around back, the sweet peas continue to bloom. I had a difficult time with these seeds--they would not germinate and I had to sow a second time and then only flowers with red blooms came up (tri-colour pack). The suddenly there are these lovely fuscia blooms which smell way better than the red ones. I think the petals are quite striking.

Finally, around the front we have some Lily of the Valley my mother-in-law gave us. This always blooms nicely. This year it has given us a berry. I've never seen berries on Lily of the Valley and I wonder if the trigger was planting a second bunch of Lily of the Valley my friend Alan gave us in the same bed? Perhaps it needs an unrelated plant to pollinate?

Up next: We have some potatoes to dig this weekend and some other plants to pull in. And windows to wash and maybe some Christmas lights to begin putting up.

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