Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Fruitcake and autumn flowers

We took a bike ride last night over to the provincial museum last night and the flowers in front of government house were really quite pretty. The gardeners were a bit slow off the mark this spring with the planting but this garden always shows best in autumn.

The crab apple trees were also heavy with fruit. If the weather holds out, I hope to get up to Bon Accord and try an apple fruit pick (in Alberta--who would have guessed?) next weekend.

In the meantime, we enjoyed the incredibly vivid colours as the sun set.

We also had some vivid colours in the fruitcakes I baked and basted with rum. These will take about two months to cure and mellow which means they will be just about right on schedule for Christmas. I have two earmarked as presents and the other four are mine.

As we've been poking around the river valley, I've taken to noticing the incredible amount of wild asparagus. These plants are easy to spot at the end of the year with their huge foliage--you can just barely see one arching overtop of Jess (who is nearly five feet tall with her helmet on).

Up next: I oven baked a dozen early girl tomatoes on the weekend. With the vaguest hint of frost tonight, I went out and picked the bottom third of the tomato plants (on the principle that cold air sinks) and now have a windowsill full of tomatoes (maybe 50 all told?) in various stages of ripening. I expect we'll eat some but the rest might be good in salsa or frozen for stews. More worrisome is that I only picked a third of the crop and I'm thinking we may be overwhelmed with tomatoes shortly.

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