Sunday, September 11, 2011

Tomatoes, potatoes and squash

I continued the harvest this weekend. First I picked the reddest of the tomatoes and brought them in, hoping that this would spur some of the greener ones to ripen. The tomato on the right is the size of a softball and alone comprised last night's "salad". I will be turning most of the early girls into over-roasted tomatoes tomorrow.

I also pulled out some red potatoes, beets and carrots yesterday and made a roasted roots dish solely with things we grew. The red potatoes were a replacement for a planting that failed--I just grabbed an extra red from the farmer's market and plopped it.

The Peter Pan squash out back are now large enough to harvest and will be part of tonight's dinner. We've tried them sauted and tonight we'll try them baked.

In the meantime, I understand the Alberta Liberal Party have again elected a Conservative to lead them so I'm baking six fruitcakes to "celebrate" this bizarre repetition of the mid-1990s. Besides, it is never to early to start the Christmas baking. This has caused some congestion at the oven so I may need to suppress a mutiny by the chocolate chip cookie fans.

Up next: We'll likely pull the rest of the carrots to thwart the slugs and blanch and freeze them. There are also some beets and potatoes to bring in and I'll need to decide if I'm going to make pickles with the late-sown beets or not.

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