Saturday, September 24, 2011

Too many tomatoes

Well, I don't know that you can ever have too many tomatoes, but we're certainly in the height of the harvest. This year I planted 14 tomato plants (early girl, beef stake, cherry, and a yellow, pear-shaped one) and then took a late-season donation of seven more (Brandywine)

We've been harvesting all summer but I finally pulled the pin last weekend when there was a frost warning. I'm oddly happy to plant the last weekend in April (eliciting a series of backhanded compliment from the older folks in the neighbourhood) and roll the dice, periodically covering the yard in heirloom Irish linen. But come fall, I'm very conservative. So, we ended up with four window sills (as above) mounded with red and green tomatoes.

Subsequently, we've been eating a lot of tomatoes. And making salsa. And oven roasting some to freeze. Jenn even made fried green tomatoes (which I've come to quite enjoy). After giving some away, we're now down to two window sills so I expect that will carry us through until some time in October.

Up next: today we're going to start cleaning up a couple of more garden beds: the corn patch out back is first and then maybe the large raised bed in the back yard. As the weather is supposed to be nice I'm also going to start putting up the Christmas lights. While that sound crazy, I have a lot of lights and a couple of high peaks so I'd rather do it now than be hanging off icy eaves on Grey Cup Sunday.

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