Sunday, September 25, 2011

Potatoes and carrots

With the temperatures in the high 20s, we spent much of the weekend outdoors. We harvested the last of the potatoes from the front bed along with some carrots that were lingering out back. Yes, they could stay in the garden longer but them they would not be in my belly.

We've pretty much got the five raised bed around the back of the garage cleaned up. I'll turn in some leaves when I rake them and maybe lime the bed in the spring. But otherwise they are basically ready to go. I'm thinking beans back here next year along with beets. Jess has also called dibs on two 6x3' boxes next year for her own garden so that should be fun to plan for.

We also started hanging the Christmas lights. This is the first Jess could do more than act as gopher. Still too younger for the ladder but she's tall enough to stand on the garbage to do some of the garage as well as some stuff on the deck. And, to my colleagues, yes it is child labour and no she's not wearing any fall protection. "Fortunately", in Alberta the rules around these things are never enforced.

The last of the carrots were very sweet this year. The may have gotten just a touch of frost in a low spot in the back last week. This bed and the one below the back deck will get some attention today.

We also had time for a lovely bike ride over in Riley Park. We rarely make it over here even though we go right by on our way to Elk Island.

Up next: Tonight we're going to make a vegetable stew and a sweet potato pie. And i see I'll need to to make some more oven-roasted tomatoes tomorrow.

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