Friday, June 29, 2012

Beans and peas

With my vacation looming, I nipped out at lunch today and snapped a few pictures of the garden. Around behind the garage the beans and peas are making great strides in the warm weather.

The peas (at the front of the left-hand planter in the photo above) are flowering and start to set pods. I've never grown shelling peas before and was interested to see how they formed. Below, you can see a pod emerging from the flower (dry petals hanging off the bottom) while a more mature pod hangs to the right. Planting peas in different spots (with different sunlight) has created the effect of staggering the plantings so I hope for a prolonged harvest.

Climbing the wire at the back of both planters are painted lady beans. These plants are really climbing. Down at the bottom, flowers are budding (I think) in a brought orange. The beans will be a striated red-black, which should be quite colourful in the jar.

We're also seeing some potatoes flowering, green/yellow beans suddenly getting a real burst of growth and (for tomorrow) some really lovely perennials blooming.

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