Thursday, June 14, 2012

Iris season

It is iris season here in Edmonton and the large bed around the bird feeder has finally bloomed. While the bloom is short for the irises (about 10 days), the impact of every plant blooming at once is pretty spectacular.

Around the back of the garage, a set of newer irises (with more mauve) have also come into flower, overshadowing the planter full of herbs. I expect the irises at the front will start to show on the weekend.

Also around back, the beans and peas are growing well. It is a bit hard to see, but the beans are already halfway up the wire I strung. The onions are also growing quite nicely, but a half dozen have disappeared. I'm thinking either squirrels or junior high kids. No adult would want tiny, immature onions, would they?

The apple tree is also showing signs of fruit. Despite the hand pollinating I did, it doesn't look like very many blossoms took. Oh well--maybe next year!

The potatoes are also putting out big leaves and stalks--faster than I can bury them! I expect we'll have quite crop of potatoes this year, although the russets are growing much faster than the purple caribes.

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