Sunday, June 24, 2012

Flowering annuals and perennials

The garden is starting to look more colourful as both annuals and perennials start to appear. On the south side, we have peonies out and blooming. I caught these early in the morning, so the flower is intensely lit while the ground remains in shadow.

Around back the peas are starting to flower and fill in the spaces in the back bed where the onion thief continues to ply his or her trade. Why steal immature onions?

Around front, the last of the iris beds has bloomed to the north of a mountain ash. In front we have onions, bush beans and a lone tomato plant. This picture is worth clicking on to get a better look at the huge iris bed.

My plan to seed basil in the front barrel failed so I went out and bought some basil plants and also this carnation. A very pretty flower for so early in the season.

And finally another peony around the side. Not sure who gave us this darker on, but it is lovely.

This afternoon we went and foraged some rhubarb from an abandoned house across the street. Only in a boom town can you find a condemned house that is fall down and three doors up there is a new build selling for $1.2m!

Anyhow, a huge haul of rhubarb from a very mature plant--some stalks as long as my arm and a quick cut netted 16 cups chopped and into the freezer and 8 cups in the crockpot for stewing. I may go back in a couple of weeks as my own plants look a bit picked over.

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