Saturday, June 9, 2012

Flowers and food in late spring

We're finally seeing some real progress in the garden, with a nice mix of rain and sun. We had our first "entirely from the garden" salad last night with the first crop of lettuce reaching maturity. The spinach and kale are still going strong but have mostly been ending up on pizzas.

The chives are flowering (and spreading), suggesting a bit of drying is in order (allowing me to refresh last year's stock).  I also put in some mint this year, although I see I grabbed chocolate mint rather than the plain mint I wanted. But chocolate mint must be good in some desert recipe.

Elsewhere, some of the perennials are flowering. This phlox is doing well bordering a shady path in the backyard by the clothes line.

The iris bloom is also starting. I have a couple of types of irises, including this lovely bearded iris. Depending on your screen, you may be able to see the lovely mauve shade in the upright petals, which makes this one so subtly beautiful.

The beans are now up and these painted lady beans have grabbed onto the trellis I strung behind the garden. The top running is now a foot high.

I completed my fruit captain training with Operation Fruit Rescue Edmonton last weekend. I'm keen to pick some fruit but also decided to add in a few goose berry plants out front. I expect it will be a few years before we see meaningful amounts of fruit but there is some there already. There is also a nasty set of thorns on this plant!

Around the side, while waging war with the ants along the foundation, I noticed the first batch of strawberries have started to form.

I dropped into the 104th Street market today and I expect we'll pickling asparagus this afternoon.

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