Saturday, June 16, 2012

Beginning of preserving

We spent much of today on bikes out along the Sturgeon River in St Albert but this afternoon there was time to start stashing away some food for winter.

I started by collecting the first cuttings from the coriander, basil and chives. We use these in various recipes throughout the year so I cleaned, minced and the froze them in small discs of oil in the right proportions. I'll have to do this three or four times over the summer to get enough but the taste of fresh basil in January is much appreciated. I also took a second cutting from the rhubarb, chopped it and froze it to make muffins in the winter.

The onions are really coming up along the side of the house. No so much at the back where I continue to lose a couple of immature bulbs every week. I'm pretty sure it has to be kids (although why onions?).

The tomatoes are really starting to sprout up. These are early girls with a bush tendency that I'm trimming and staking They are about 10 inches tall.

We've also resown lettuce; Jennifer quite likes the Grand Rapids pack that we got somewhere so I threw them down where I turned under some spinach that had run its course.

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