Sunday, June 10, 2012

Pickled asparagus

With a rainy weekend looming, I picked up some asparagus at the 104th Street farmers market Saturday and we decided to pickle it. I haven't pickled in a couple of years (I'm the only one who likes pickles) so there was a fair bit of stop and start as I tried to recall the timing of everything.

Jess did the jar prep, adding spices and chopped up peppers and garlic. Meanwhile, I burned my fingers on boiling vinegar and swore a lot (good family memories).

In the end, we filled seven 500ml jars and got good seals on all of them. I decided to water bath them (something I've never done with pickles) after reading a couple of different recipes. Hopefully they won't be too soggy. After the jars cooled, everything floated down a bit. Now we just need to wait a few weeks to try them out.

I think I'm done pickling for the summer (maybe a couple of jars of beets--we'll see what the harvest looks like) but I am pumped to jam and sauce. I expect a couple of these may get traded away at a preserves swap later in the summer. Now onto baking some bread and maybe making some rhubarb muffins.

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