Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Berries, flowers and potatoes

The weather continues to be very nice and the garden is really starting to fill out. Again, we have some lovely peonies beside the house--both a single and double bloom here.

The potato patch is also really growing. I planted each of these in a bit of a hole and have hoed them up as far as I can; I'm hopeful this (plus digging the bed last year) will increase the yield. The bigger plants (russets) look like they are about to flower.

Around the side, there are lots of strawberries and they are very tasty. I think we will look to find a u-pick this weekend and get some to make jam with. Our patch is too small to do much with other than eat.

The raspberries are also setting fruit and it looks like a bigger haul this sumer than last year. Again, too few to do much other than eat but there are a nice mix of traditional and darker raspberries.

Despite my skepticism, the apple tree looks like it has at least three apples on it. They are very small and match the leaves perfectly so it is hard to be sure I've seen them all. 

I spent lunch time doing some weeding and will need to have a second go at this. When the iris blooms finish, I have a bunch of plants to move to open up a new bed in the back yard for next year.

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