Saturday, March 30, 2013

Bottling the wine

After a bike ride yesterday on slightly icy roads  (90% fantastic, 10% terrifying), we spent the day outside enjoying the sun, chopping out the storm drain and sticking out hand in the cold frames to feel  how warm it was.

Then we came inside and wrapped up our first go at wine making by racking off the wine and then bottling it. No major disasters during either process, although I'm glad to have had this experience prior to fooling around with apple cider this coming autumn. 

The wine needs to sit for a few months before we drink it (a bit acidic right now--but not the worst Pinot Noir I've ever drunk) but we turned the extra bottle in the carboy into a pitcher of sangria. The rest of the weekend will be about cleaning up the winery, and maybe making a pair of bean trellises. I see Operation Fruit Rescue Edmonton is holding its first AGM on April 21.