Sunday, March 17, 2013

Racking off the wine

With two weeks of winey-smells permeating the basement, the fermentation finally finished on our first batch of wine and it was time to rack it off. Fortunately the internet provided answers on just how to do that. The instructions in the kit were a bit too concise--kind of like the 13 words my dad used to explain driving a stick: "punch the clutch, stick it in gear, pop the clutch, hit the gas". Technically correct. Yet missing some of the nuances and, consequently, we sprayed the campsite with gravel as I spun the truck out onto the road. Ah, good times.

The pictures of racking off the wine were not exactly flattering, so I've posted only the "best". We managed to get almost all of the wine into the carboy, with only minor spills (on me) and no contamination. Now we wait another couple of weeks for this to clear. Depending on how much it settles, a second racking might be in order or we may bottle.

We've had nearly 18 inches of snow this weekend (based upon the accumulation on the deck) so gardening is a ways off! But I expect my sugar beet seeds to arrive this week. Now onto cleaning out the freezer and seeing what we'll be eating the new few weeks.

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