Sunday, March 10, 2013

Fondling the seeds

With sunlight streaming into the dinning room, we hauled all of the jars and enveloped of seeds out from the cupboard today to see what we had and give some thought to what we might plant where. Some of the impetus of this was a gift of seeds from a colleague (hey Mike!) in Athabasca. So we had to figure out where we'd try Italian pumpkins (more of the front lawn must be sacrificed!) and also where we're going to work in his scarlet runner beans.

I packed away a fair number of seeds last autumn, using powdered milk as a desiccant. Seemed to work alight as the seeds look and smell okay. Jess and I had a spirited discussion about whether to plant only one type of potato (Jess loves the blue caribe we planted last year--which yielded huge numbers of potatoes) or whether we should throw in some baking potatoes as well. Since I'm doing the digging, we'll do a mixed patch this year in the garden we rescued from the irises.

The wine is cooking away in the basement (need to rack it off next weekend). In the meantime, I'm going to look into turning some old electrical conduit into frames for beans. I know we're months away from any meaningful gardening (although the soil in the cold frames is starting to soften ever-so-slightly) but it feels good to mull the upcoming summer.

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