Wednesday, March 20, 2013

More pie and sugar beet seeds

The freezer clean out continued this weekend with raspberry-apple pie. The apples were (I think) from Operation Fruit Rescue picks and the raspberries were from Roy's Raspberry farm. Very tasty--next is strawberry-rhubarb pie. I also put a bunch of frozen beans and carrots into soup on the weekend.

In the mail yesterday came my sugar beet seeds. Couldn't find any locally but the folks at Apache suggested I e-order from Seeds for Change (which have great heirloom seeds). I put together the minimum $5 order (kale, beans and the beets) and then went to check out and they wanted $22 for shipping (cheapest option)! So I went to ebay and got 500 seeds (plus a random piece of scripture!?) for $11. Come on spring!

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