Sunday, March 31, 2013

Wine, pie and lichen

With Easter obligations wrapped up and the wine corks appearing to hold, we capped and labeled 30 bottles of wine last night.  I'd forgotten how much fun shrink caps are to put on.

They also finish the bottles nicely, as opposed to the moonshiner look we were rocking earlier with raw corks visible. These have now been tucked beneath the stairs to age a bit. Next up is cider (come fall).

In between bike rides, baked an apple pie this morning and unearthed some more cherries while rooting about the freezer (so we know what next week's pie will be).

We also took a walk. No sign of wild asparagus poking up yet but lots of interesting lichens.

If I get ambitious, I will bake some bread and cornmeal muffins this week. The melt is proceeding quickly which is great to see--some lawn is starting to show though and the cold frames are starting to heat up nicely.

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