Monday, July 29, 2013

Carrots and onions

After a bike ride to a Sunday market on 124th street, we decided to do a bit of gardening before the weather turned. Jess wanted to thin her carrots some, which worked out well given our dinner plans.

We pulled about a dozen carrots to give the rest some room. Some nice yellowstone, dragon and nantes--all good sizes and with decent shape. There were a couple of dogs in the mix as well.

We also harvested one of the onion beds as the tops were down and whithering. We then turned the soil a bit and dropped in some late beets (48 days the package promises!) that I think will survive until frost. At the very least we should get some greens.

The scarlet runner beans are flowering magnificently. And you can just see the first pod setting in the bottom left of the picture (the little squiggly shape). I recall these were crazy late last year and we still got a decent harvest. This year all we're after is some seed for next year.

I need to do something with the massive zucchini today--maybe relish or salsa.

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