Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Saskatoon picking and jamming

The Saskatoon berries are having a remarkable year. I spotted a bunch of them in the river valley Tuesday and I went back on my bike this morning to pick them. 

I also ran into a bunch of early raspberries. And a collection of rose bushes and thistle that have left my arms and legs a bit tender!

With good weather, Jess and I also drove out to T&D's Saskatoon farm this afternoon (about 6km north of St Albert) and picked a bunch of Saskatoons (without the thistle and thorns!).

We came back home and I put up six jars of strawberry-Saskatoon jam plus one that wouldn't seal (twice!) went into the fridge (dud jar, I think). That leaves 12 litres of Saskatoons in the fridge for pie filling and maybe a few frozen for baking.

Tomorrow we'll do some more canning and I think I have a line on a fruit press for cider making this autumn. The pressure canner also arrived this afternoon so I will have lots to keep me busy.


  1. You are getting all the tools. Anxious to see the results of your fruit press. Never thought to mix saskatoons with strawberries.

  2. Thanks Sarah, yes, I'm excited to see how the pressing goes myself. Next step is to find a crusher or make one from a garberator.

    The saskatoons seems to have lots of natural pectin so they help the strawberry and raspberry jams set if I don't use pectin (not any kind of purist, I just don't like the taste of commercial pectin much).