Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Garden pause

Late July is a nice time in the garden. The planting and early crops are done and the later crops are still growing (cue lawn chair, beer and book). Before putting up the last of the Saskatoon jam tonight (picked from the neighbour's bush down the lane), I wandered around the garden.

Out front, a sunflower has volunteered in the bean bed. This flower is over six-feet up and just getting ready to open. I've also tucked the garlic out front behind a pillar to cure in the shade and wind.

The bean patch is starting to produce. There are enough yellow beans that I think we could do a batch of pickled beans this weekend. None of the purple beans seem to have survived the weather and the rabbits, but the yellow ones are coming along.

The raspberry patch is also starting to yield a few berries. We'll likely end up at a u-pick to get a decent quantity for jam, the yard provided enough for dessert. These are a dark, sweet (thorny) raspberry that is a ways from being ready.

The zucchini patch is also producing. There are a number of nice-sized zucchini. And then there was this one (17 inches long and six inches across) that I somehow overlooked. Jessica is currently using it as a baby, but I will cut it up and preserve it in a chocolate cake this weekend. Maybe also a zuchinni relish.

I have stashed the wine press in the garage for now. I have big plans to paint the inside of the garage, but we'll see how the summer goes. My dad is going to come up and help me wire up the garburator apple crusher in about two weeks so we'll be ready to cider.

If I get a chance this weekend, I'll also make some mint jelly. I have three kind of mint (orange, spearmint and I think chocolate) so we'll see which has enough leaves to make jelly with.

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