Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Rainy day pie filling

The deluge continued yesterday, scuttling berry picking plans so I made two batches of strawberry-rhubarb pie filling instead (plus a pie with the left-overs from the two batches). The recipe called for orange juice and zest to prevent the applies from browning. The orange adds an interesting tropical taste to the pie but I might try lemon next time.

In the past I have always frozen fruit for pies. But I'm trying to make more room in my freezer, hence the foray into canned pie filling. I have also ordered a pressure canner to tackle the veggies that take up so much freezer space. Looks like I'll need some more jars, though!

The weather has cleared this morning but we'll wait a day for the fields to dry out. In the meantime, I have some laundry to hangout and more weeding to do!


  1. Your garden looks so bountiful! I know what you mean about coming home to a jungle... it's always astounding how fast the garden grows in July. Sometimes, it makes me not want to go away knowing what I'm going to be coming home to, but we all need a holiday don't we?

    Well done on the pie filling - I did that 2 years ago as I was short on freezer space - it worked a treat! If you need jars, post a wanted ad on free cycle - you'll have them by the end of the day most likely. Garage sales are a good place to find them, too :)

  2. Thank Sherry; yes, a winter vacation looks more appealing as I continue to engage in hand-to-hand combat with elm seedlings among the beets and onions!