Sunday, July 28, 2013

Fruitcake and mint jelly

Yesterday was a rainy day. Jess ducked out during a dry moment to pick the last of our Saskatoons and some of the early raspberries.

We also made some fruitcake for Christmas (takes some time and liberal doses of rum to age).

Then I went out and picked enough mint to make some jelly. I never seem to grow enough of any herb to make anything meaningful so I banged in three mint plants this spring and I expect we'll have lots to dry as well as some for mojitos. Sadly, the basil has totally bitten it this year.

Jess helped as I mulled how to substitute powdered pectin for liquid. I almost never use pectin (was surprised I even had this package) so winging the substitution was a bit stressful. In retrospect, simply looking up a mint jelly recipe based on powdered pectin would have been the most parsimonious solution... . Things seem to have worked out in the end.

I wanted to add just a hint of green to the jelly with a drop of two of food colouring. Apparently "a few drops" was not specific enough for Jess (I'm guessing 4 or 5 big drops here) and now we have mint jelly of a vibrant hue not seen since Woodward's closed out. Oh well!

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