Friday, July 12, 2013

Return from vacation to a jungle

After a two-week family vacation to BC, we've returned to a crazy garden. Apparently, it was insane hot and then wet here while we were away. I spent the day beating down the lawn and weeding a few garden beds.

Out back, then shell peas are ready for picking and the sunflowers are now level with my head. The potatoes have also all bloomed (including a large number of volunteers) which means lots of potatoes in the autumn.

Behind the garage, the zucchini plants went from having two (or four) leaves when we left to full size (12" leaves) and fruiting. Talk about crazy growth.

We also have carrots ready for harvest. I think we'll thin some now and leave the rest to bulk up.

Around the front, some of the tomato plants grew more than 18 inches and the beans have flowered and put out fruit.

If the weather cooperates, we'd like to do some berry picking this weekend. I snagged from strawberries from our garden, but I'm hopeful there is a upick we can find. And the Saskatoons are also ready.

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