Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Asparagus and Chive Vinegar

We've had lots of rain this week and the garden is growing by leaps and bounds. This pot on the deck has some tumbler tomatoes, self-seeded lettuce and cilantro.

One summer project I planned was to make some chive vinegar. Vinegar plus chive blossoms, sit then strain and you're good. I think we put these in the jar on Saturday. It is supposed to take two weeks to leach all of the flavour out. A pretty colour and it smells good.

I also bought some asparagus at the market on Saturday to freeze. We managed to get 11 single-serving bags processed and frozen which add a nice taste of spring to winter pizzas and casseroles. There was one bag left from last year so I may do another couple of bunches this year.

The water we used to blanch them is sitting in the fridge awaiting its turn to become soup stock. I'm hopeful a couple of sunny days will let me get back out and on the weeding!

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