Monday, June 30, 2014

Soapberries, gooseberries and corn

Sunday was a day of mixed weather so I spent the morning cleaning up and finishing off some chive vinegar. Then there was the airing of the cupboard and the discovery that we'd also made chive-infused butter. Good thing my wife has a sense of humour.

I went for a wander through the valley today after the rain stopped. I spotted what I think are soapberries (will need to go back and check).

I also found a small swamp behind some trees which might be a source of cattails (hoping to try them fried and use the pollen as flour). This lead to more exploration, a washed out trail, a scramble up the bank and then a furtive escape through someone's (quite lovely) yard.

I see our gooseberry plants are starting to produce berries. Not too many but I might pick what is there when the ripen a bit and then freeze them to combine with strawberries.

The corn seems to have appreciated the recent heat and rain and is up to about 12 inches out front (although some is lagging). The pole beans I planted have also come up. Hopefully the corn can keep ahead of them.

Tomorrow (in amongst work), I need to get Jess to make the Christmas fruitcake.


  1. I had some cattail hearts from northern SK. They tasted like cucumber. Good in a salad. You guys are busy.

  2. Thanks Sarah. Yes, summer is busy--strawberry season is ending but Saskatoons are just about to begin. I've also had to start thinning out last years canned stuff (apparently we made too much cherry pie filling!)