Saturday, June 7, 2014

Hostas, Chard and Corn

With wife and child out last night, I dig through my list of things to try this year and ran across "eat hosts". So I quickly went out and found a few as-yet unfurled leaves. The plain hosts tasted a lot of peas and I imagine would be tasty steamed or lightly stir-fried. The variegated host was quite a lot spicier. I love adding new plants to the menu!

This is also the season of chives. I'm planning on making chive vinegar (perhaps tomorrow) as soon as enough flower heads bloom.

I filled one of the window boxes with tumbler tomatoes and swiss chard this year instead of flowers. I've never had any luck with chard but it has come up gangbusters. You can really see the neon pink and yellow stems this variety has., even though the plants have barely germinated. I will start thinning these out shortly.

After much trepidation, the corn has emerged from the ground. This is hooker's sweet corn and should grow to a modest five feet or so. I don't think anyone else around here grows corn so we should be able to collect some seeds this fall.

The saskatoon bloom is done and to looks like we'll have a decent crop of berries. Even with the contribution from the neighbour's much larger bush down the way, I expect we'll need to tromp out to a u-pick to get enough this year. I have put in two more bushes and will be adding a few more in back.

I see that there is also quite a lot of suckering going on with the raspberries in front. I plan to transfer some of these around to the side this week (weather permitting).

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