Friday, June 20, 2014

Potatoes, raspberries and pineapple weed

A week or rain and sun has really pushed the garden ahead. Out front, all of the potatoes are up and the earlier ones are starting to flower.

The corn and squash are also making progress and demand a fair bit of weeding as they compete with the remains of the old iris bed. Man, pieces of iris root are tenacious!

The raspberry canes are starting to blossom. These are a dark raspberry with canes that remind me of blackberries (full of horrible thorns).

The last columbine plant out front has put on a nice show as have some daisies in the back that have volunteered.

The 6x6 potato patch out back (all Russian Blue, I think) are going really well. They have obscured (for the moment) the scarlet runner beans planted against the fence. Some blue jays have a nest (either in the lilac on the right or in the mock orange behind the fence) with young starting to fledge. I watched the parents feed one and then have been harassed every time i have been back there since (fly-bys and whatnot).

The lilacs are putting on a good show by the garage. They are a bit late this year due to the cold May weather but they smell wonderful.

One of my summer projects was to identify some of the common edible weeds in our yard. This is pineapple weed. the small balls have a distinct pineapple smell when you crush them and they taste halfway between pineapple and coconut when you bite in. Apologies for the blurry photo--a hard plant to get into focus.

With soccer winding down, I'm hopeful we'll get a chance to fuss with the onions this weekend. Some of the wall wall onions are starting to form bulbs and I want to try some gentle dirt removal to see if we get bigger bulbs this year.

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