Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Flowers and the first harvests

We spent a glorious weekend in the garden. Jess interplanted the corn with some squash seeds (Australian butter squash). I'm not sure the corn is going to come up (no sign yet) but the squash should do alright. We also planted a second sowing of potatoes (banana) and generally  tidied up the front.

We're starting to see the perennial bloom. These yellow flowers are always early and then give way to the irises. Replanting the irises last year has set most of the plants in the front yard way back.

Both apple trees are full of blossoms. I did some hand pollinating in the absence of the bees (have only seen one in the last week or so).

We made a quick harvest of rhubarb that was shading out some basil. I always forget how big the one rhubarb plant gets. I froze this to have some on hand when the strawberries ripen so we can make pie filling. We also thinned the radishes and the lettuce.

A tour of the provincial museum grounds caught the gardening crew doing a Saturday night plant. they put in some lovely flowers and all of the trees and bushes were in bloom.

This week we've finished the late seeding (although there is one stretch that might get some kale seeds for a late crop. I also bought a cucamelon plant to see what that is like. Now we're focused mostly on weeding and watering and eating our way through the rest of last year's preserves!

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