Sunday, June 15, 2014

Turnips, apples and irises

With soccer and flute winding down, I had a bit more time on Saturday to enjoy the nice weather. The turnips we planted have really come come up--much faster than the carrots and the beets.

There are also a lot of proto-apples starting to swell up on the one tree.

This weekend is the start of the iris bloom on my yard. The more established plants on the side are all ready to put on a show while those which were roughly treated last year during the front yard reconstruction are mostly content to build roots this year.

Jess and I took a walk in the evening along the valley and checked out the saskatoons and other edibles. They seem to be doing well. We also listened to a concert from Hawreluk for awhile.

On the way back we passed by this front yard garden. You'd never know it was there from the road (I go by it on 102 Ave all the time) but it is quite the operation. On the right, you can see the huge raspberry patch they have put in.

Our own asparagus patch refused to come up this spring. Maybe the crowns weren't deep enough. This can be a bit shady by the asparagus is usually up before the tree leafs out. Anyhow, I pulled the chives, added some manure and soil and we'll plant a late crop here--I think I have some kale seeds in the cupboard.

Today we need to do some weeding out front (where the corn and the squash have germinated) and maybe plunk in some pole bean seeds.

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