Sunday, August 31, 2014

Apples, pole beans, hawthorns and acorns

The firsts half of the long weekend has been pretty busy! Friday night, Jess and I went and did a big apple pick. There were so many apples, we ran out of containers and I ended up leaving a few that I could have gotten on the tree. 

Of course, Jennifer noted that I was a bit old to fall out of an apple tree and that I ought to govern myself accordingly, so maybe it was for the best. We arrived home and found Jennifer had made pie crust (!) so some apples were in the oven within an hour of being picked.

Much of the past few days has been spent processing the apples and I'm down from 35-40 gallons to six or seven. Jenn promises more pies and I can always make some more apple sauce or apple butter. Last night, we also pitched the yeast into the apple cider I pressed on Friday.

The rest of the garden has been pretty relentless. The pole beans are ready! Some went on the BBQ last night and the rest I blanched and froze for soup in the winter. There may be another harvest, we'll see how long the frost holds off. The tomatoes are also fairly intense so Jenn put her home ec degree to work and made bruschetta.

Last night we went out for a ride and checked on the Hawthorn berries Jess ran across in the valley. These are ripe-ish and taste rather insipid. There is a second patch we'll try in order to see if we can get a richer tasting berry for jelly.

Poking around, we also noticed the acorns on the oaks are ripening. I've read these can we washed to get the tannins out and then roasted and candied. We might try a small batch this year.

The museum's flowers are also in full bloom--one of the highlights of fall for us.

Now back to the kitchen--soup stock is bubbling and the dehydrator needs to be loaded up with more apple rings. I dreamed of apples last night... .

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