Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Pioneer gardens and tomatoes

Jess and I took at trip to Fort Edmonton yesterday. After a couple of years of having a season's pass and many field trips, we mostly poke around the corners of the place to see what we may have missed. Lots of the old buildings have quite lovely little gardens.

This year the garden at the fort itself is spectacular, with potatoes, beans, beets, carrots, corn, sunflowers and pumpkins. I have a big garden but this makes me jealous.

The pumpkin patch has been especially productive, with lots of these pumpkins hidden among the leaves. These two are each move 18-inches in diameter. We also had an interesting interaction with a rooster minding his brood while human interlopers wander about cluelessly.

Back home, the tomatoes are starting to come in. Mostly cherry tomatoes but in big volume!

The scarlet runner beans are also starting to form hanging off of the deck railing. These are always big producers with pods that are 8-12 inches long.

The cooler weather today means a chance to catch up on the watering before going to pick apples at a friend's place tomorrow afternoon.

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