Thursday, August 21, 2014

Busy start to the harvest season!

The harvest season is upon us! And frankly it is a bit overwhelming. Fortunately, someone made of with an entire 3x6' bed of carrots out back one night so there is (slightly) less to process...!

We finally pulled the last of the sweet onions and they are curing on the deck. The storage onions have cured and are hung in the closet for use. I still have a bit of hard necked garlic to pull.

Jess and I made 18 litres of crab apple jelly last weekend. That sound alike a lot but a bit on oatmeal each morning and we'll be through it before spring.

We trucked out to Roy's Raspberries again this week to get a second batch. I have two pails in the fridge to jam tonight.

last time we were picking, Jess and Jenn saw a frog (alas no camera). This time, the bugs were really interesting and thick (although fortunately the mosquito bloom seems to be dying off).

Out front, the squash plants seem to have finally fruited. There are at least three of these Australian butter squash that have formed. The race to grow before the frost ought to be interesting. I will put some wooden planks under them tonight to keep them off the dirt and will cover if it frosts.

We've also been picking apples. Most I have processed and frozen for later cidering. But I have a bunch of bigger ones that I will start to sauce this weekend. They have a lovely aroma as they ripen in the house.

There is still much to do outdoors. The tomatoes need attention tonight. And the alpine currants are yielding a huge (relatively speaking) harvest. I can't imagine I want to fart around with berries that small so I think the birds can have them.

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