Sunday, August 17, 2014

Apples season starts

The last few days of my summer vacation have coincided with the start of apple season here in Edmonton. We've done two picks--one of apples and crabs and another just of crabs. The apples I have been processing and freezing in anticipation of three more picks in the next few weeks followed by cider-making.

The crabs I have juiced and started jellying. I expect we'll have 21 or 22 litres of jelly by the time I'm done. The heat and humidity this week have really slowed the jelly-making process (well, the jelly maker more so than the process). Outside we've been harvesting from the garden to eat and then fighting with the bugs to get enough water on the garden. Today I'll be hauling in the sweet onions as the storage onions have finished curing under the deck.

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